Pest Control – Cockroach control
Cockroaches are high-risk pests in your home and business premises. Cockroach infection can be particularly irritating, contaminating food and destroying property can pose a serious health hazard. Cockroaches crawl and siege inside corners and hard spaces inside buildings, making them very difficult to get rid of. While we can relieve you of this problem by providing temporary relief in case of low-level infiltration, it is only with the help of a specialist that you can remove the cockroaches from your home or business premises and hold them for long. Huh.
How to get rid of cockroaches?
We believe in rooting out any pest problem, which is why our service uses a combination of methods to drive cockroaches out of your home. We use gel-baiting, a method in which cockroach bait is applied to the crevices and crevices of the gel, under hinges, under gas cylinders, electrical equipment, inside drawers, etc. We use a special insulating monitoring trap, the super-attractive lure. Unique for cockroaches and trapping roses. Our service is a hassle free service as there is no need to evacuate the premises and there is no residual smell.

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